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Safety Corner Guards
Safety Corner Guards
Safety Corner Guards

Safety Corner Guards

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Set Of 8 pcs

Risk of Injury – Cuts and bumps from sharp corners

BabyPro Corner Guards act as a soft cushion to all sharp corners of furniture, wall and tiles. Thus protects everyone from accidental cuts and bumps.

Can be used on bed corners, table corners, or any 90-degree angled furniture. 

With adhesive pads, it sticks to even and clean surfaces. Can be removed once its use is over. After removal, it will leave no traces and would not damage the furniture at all.
It is made of high-quality high-density EVA.  It is really soft and acts a bumper guard.

Please Note: Only works well with furniture that has a thickness of minimum 1 inch. For thin table tops, consider BabyPro U shaped corner guards.

Did you know?

Every year tens of millions of children worldwide are taken to hospitals with injuries that often leave them with lifelong injuries.


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