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Door Pinch Guard Hand Shaped
Door Pinch Guard Hand Shaped
Door Pinch Guard Hand Shaped
Door Pinch Guard Hand Shaped
Door Pinch Guard Hand Shaped

Door Pinch Guard Hand Shaped

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Risk of Injury - Hands or fingers getting caught in a closing door.

BabyPro's Hand Shaped Door Pinch Guard prevents pinching of fingers between door and the frame. It has a strong tape at the back which gets stuck permanently on the door and hence can be used for a very thick or a thin door (even a glass door)

The product is easy to use with one time installation. Simply rotate the door pinch guard horizontally to block the door from closing. It always maintain a gap of 1 inch between the door and the frame.

  • Easy to install
  • Non-toxic and child safe
  • 360 degree rotatable.
  • ​Suitable for all kinds of doors with any thickness.

How to Use:

Install the BabyPro finger pinch guard at such a height that child cannot easily reach

The guard is placed on the edge of the door, opposite side to the hinge and rotate it horizontally to not allow the door close and maintain an inch gap between the door and the frame. Thus completely saving children from accidentally pinching or injuring their fingers 

To close the door completely, simply rotate it vertically.

What's more? It will not allow a child to get locked inside the room!

Please Note: May not be suitable for outdoor gates or in a windy room. Please check if it works well with your door before using it with the child around.

Did you know?

Every four minute, a door related injury happens in the U.S. (finger, hand and head injury). Cost of treatment of such injuries have been upto $700,000.


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