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Stove Knob Cover
Stove Knob Cover
Stove Knob Cover
Stove Knob Cover

Stove Knob Cover

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Risk of Injury – Gas leaks due to use of stove knobs by child.

This child-proofing essential is designed to help prevent children from turning on gas stove/oven knobs which could lead to potentially dangerous and harmful accidents such as burns or gas leaks.

Easy to install. Portable, can be carried and used at different places.

Simply open the flap of the cover to use the knob. It's special design does not allow the child to get a grip on the stove knob. For best results, always shut the cover after using the knob. 

Did you know?

According to a SafeKids report, there are five emergency department visits every hour for an injury related to a stove for children and adults, and that 41 percent of injuries are among children ages 19 and under.


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