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Frequently Asked Questions

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Babyproofing for an Injury-Free Childhood!

We at BabyPro, are working hard to get high quality products and render long term services to make environment safer for babies. We envision an injury-free childhood for our future generation. This can be achieved through increased awareness among parents & care takers and fundamental positioning of babyproofing products.

BabyPro is a member of the International Association for Child Safety® (IAFCS), a global network of child safety professionals and babyproofers. IAFCS Members are recognized childproofing experts and are ready to help you make your home a safe place for your little one.

We get asked a lot of questions about baby proofing and products that we use and recommend for baby's safety. The answer actually changes with the uniqueness of your home or with the level of curiosity in your child.

Some of the commonly asked questions have been answered below:

Q. Do I really need to babyproof my home?

Yes, but to what extent is entirely up to you. The most common & recommended babyproofing products are: 

  • door locks to the bathroom, balcony or exits
  • cupboard locks for the kitchen, bathroom and lower cabinets and drawers
  • safety gates on top and bottom of stairs or to keep away from pets
  • electrical outlet covers 
  • anti-tip furniture straps especially for big screen televisions
  • finger pinch guard for door joints and to prohibit slamming of doors
  • soft cushioning of sharp corners and edges

Every home is unique and you should plan based on your needs and understanding.

Q. I always watch my baby. Do I still need to baby proof?

Yes! Child proofing your home is not a substitute for adult supervision or educating young ones about safety. Physical abilities develop faster in babies than mental abilities. Through their explorations they learn and develop a understanding for dangers in their surrounding. Till then, babyproof your home to make the surroundings safe and secured for your baby.

Q. How much will it cost to babyproof my home?

It depends on the products you incorporate in your baby proofing plan and whether or not you hire a professional baby proofing service for installation. 

If you embark on baby proofing your home on your own and only use the bare minimum for products you might end up spending in the range of Rs 3,000 - Rs 5,000.

It is usually "you get what you pay for".  A cabinet lock that costs Rs 30 is not going to be as sturdy or secured as a lock that costs Rs 150.  It's often well worth the extra money to purchase a product that is proven to work and ensure the safety of your child.  A lock that doesn't work can actually be a bigger safety hazard than no lock at all. 

A professional baby proofing service will cost more but the advantage is that you get a professional opinion, scientifically proven products and the assurance that you are providing the safest environment possible for your loved ones.

When should I start babyproofing my home?

The best time to begin babyproofing is before the baby starts to crawl and to discover the hazards in your home. Even if your baby has started crawling, it is not too late. It is important to make sure your baby’s surroundings encourage this growth and help your baby explore safely.

You should always have a travel kit of babyproofing products when you're going on holidays to a relatives place or for a hotel room.

Q. Do you provide installation services?

Yes, we offer professional installation services at reasonable prices. We will also give you a guide for safety measures at home to keep it handy and share with your guests at home.

Q. Can I purchase the products from you and install them myself?

Yes, just remember child safety products are only effective when properly installed. Contact us for a guided installation video of our products!

Which cities do you serve?

BabyPro is operating throughout the country. You can get Home Safety Check done here.  It will help you understand the cost to babyproof your home and will provide you with an instant cost estimate.

Also, you can customise your safety kit as per your requirement. 

Q. Why should I use a professional childproofer instead of doing it myself?

  • save time and energy
  • avoid the hassle of searching and shopping for the right items
  • avoid returning products that either do not work or fit properly
  • we are expert installers, quick and efficient with right tools

It also helps you to avoid the stress and frustration of making your home safe for your baby.

Q.How do you have expertise in babyproofing?

BabyPro is a member of International Association For Child Safety (IAFCS). Also, the Founder of BabyPro has passed the Home Hazard Test conducted by IAFCS. It is the only association for childproofers and their members are committed to render high level of babyproofing services to its customers.

The resources shared by IAFCS and our continuous interactions with parents, help us evolve each day and learn about baby safety.


If you don't find your answer here, please contact us with your questions or comments and we'll reply within 2-3 days. We will also post the questions here for everyone else to read and learn.

Please remember that there are no bad questions because we all had to learn at one time or another!

Babyproofing by any means should not be understood as substitute for adult supervision and no product should be relied on completely, but there are some pretty amazing products available to parents that weren't in the past!

       When should you babyproof?

Having a baby can be super exciting! But it also brings along challenges for parents. Our suggestion is that you babyproof the house before the bundle of joy arrives. Once the baby is in the house, all the time and efforts are showered upon her and you may overlook important safety precautions that are must for keeping the child safe. Once the baby has arrived and three to four months have passed, baby starts turning on the bed and it marks the beginning of their exploration. It is high time that you get the house babyproofed and make it safe for your kid. BabyPro  full house babyproofing solutions is designed for safety of babies aged up to 5 years.

Is your child at risk?

The average home is not designed, constructed or furnished with the safety needs of a child in mind. Sadly, many parents are unaware of the potential dangers in their home until an injury occurs. An experienced childproofer can provide valuable peace of mind for parents, grandparents and caregivers by identifying safety hazards in and around the home, recommending specific safety solutions and providing professional installation services.

(Source: The International Association for Child Safety® (IAFCS))

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