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Simply search what you want to baby proof like door/ cabinet or a bed!
Simply search what you want to baby proof like door/ cabinet or a bed!
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Did you know in every 24 minutes a child is injured?

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Tips for preventing furniture tip over accidents and other hazards for babies’ safety!

All over the news lately, one of the first thing that goes through a new parent’s mind is the need for safety. Many parents and caregivers may not be aware that one of the top hidden hazards in the homes where young children live or visit is unsecured and unstable TVs, sharp edge furniture’s & appliances.
Parents shopping online and in retail stores should look for childproofing products – to anchor sharp corners of furniture, as well as other pieces that might tip if pulled on or climbed on by a curious toddler.



1. Do not place TVs on furniture that is not specifically designed to hold electronics. Chests and bookcases pose significant hazards when misused in this way.

2. Don’t create a temptation to climb! Keep remote controls, toys and other enticing items off the tops of furniture and TVs where children can see but not reach them.

3. It might seem easy and exciting to install safety products yourself, but it is always advisable to call child care professionals for installation & educate you in person.

4. Never open more than one drawer at a time. Install stops or multi usage latches. (By a professional for longevity).  

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