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Safety isn't expensive, its priceless.

Our homes are designed by adults, for adults. There are a number of safety hazards that remains unnoticed to us until a child arrives!

BabyPro helps to make your home safe for kids by preventing avoidable accidents and injuries. You just have to tell us about your home on whatsapp and we will curate the best safety kit, suitable for you. We have a strong on-the-ground experience of babyproofing Indian homes.

The safety kit is delivered at your door step within 3 days! and all BabyPro products are easy to install and does not require any professional help. Try out here.

Meet our Founder - Rachita

How to baby proof?

Simply search with the things you want to baby proof. Search cabinet, door, bedroom or tap!
Or we are here to help, message us here.

Do we know the safety hazards before an accident occurs?

See Finger Pinch Guards

All kids are inquisitive and love to explore!

See Safety Locks

On our mission to save one life a day!

We have catered to the safety requirements of over 10,000 families across India, and have helped them get more time, peace and happiness!

See all our products.

"Hum bhi toh aise hi bade hue hai"

"Girenge Padenge tabhi toh sikhenge"

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BabyPro Safety Essentials Kit

This Safety Essentials Kit has safety products for usual hazard points in a home. It is a perfect package for any parent and for most homes. Makes for a great gift too!

Installation is this easy!