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Flat 10% Off For New Users! | Code: PRO10
Flat 10% Off For New Users! | Code: PRO10
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About Us

Our homes are designed by adults, for adults. There are a number of safety hazards that remains unnoticed to us until a child arrives!

BabyPro helps to make your home safe for kids by preventing avoidable accidents and injuries.

Behind BabyPro is our passionate founder, Rachita. She had passed all levels of CFA and worked in KPMG. She left that job to start BabyPro with an aim to save one life a day. She is India's only Certified Professional Childproofer, trained by the International Association For Child Safety, USA.

Why Parents ❤ Us

Thank you for your love BabyPro, we are so happy to keep our little one safe! ❤ Our house is babyproofed by the pro, thank you Rachita, you are the best!

Neha Dhupia, Actor

Definitely feels safer with BabyPro. My husband totally loves it!

Jaswir Kaur, Television Actor

BabyPro is the most scientific ways to baby proof. Their products are aesthetically designed and thus don't look out of place.

Shivani Agarwalla, Gold Medalist Athlete for India

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